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Is professional carpet cleaning safe for my pets?

Nobody likes a dingy carpet, and it can be nice to have a professional carpet cleaning service come in to restore the fibers to their former luster. However, if you are a pet owner, there are some important things you may need to consider before enlisting outside help. In this article, I will discuss some of these issues and what you can do to keep your pets safe, happy, and healthy.

There are a variety of carpet cleaning agents and methods that can potentially put the health of your beloved animal companions at risk. To avoid this possible hazard, do not be afraid to ask these companies about the types of chemicals they use or if they use steam cleaning. Both of these can have adverse consequences on the overall health of your pet, though the reasons can differ.

Steam cleaning can leave water trapped in the fibers of your carpet, which can lead to the spread of mold. Mold spores, of course, can be detrimental to the respiratory health of everyone in your home, resulting in acute or chronic breathing conditions in those who have been consistently exposed. Some carpet cleaners contain acids and other toxic substances that can cause damage the skin or be absorbed through direct contact. Given the fact that many pet owners often allow their pets to roam freely about their home, these substances can cause serious injuries to your animal buddy. The use of certain chemicals can also reduce the air quality within your residence, which is why it is important to have proper ventilation measures in place. If these chemicals are used to clean your carpets, it is best to keep your pet(s) away from the area that has been cleaned for at least twenty-four hours, which will allow the area to dry, thus reducing the chance of injury or poisoning.

There are natural alternatives that are safer and healthier for both the inhabitants of your home and the environment, which can be used to effectively clean and deodorize your pet stained carpet. If you are willing to look, you can find multiple companies that use these pet-safe cleaning methods.

In closing, I hope that pet owners will be conscientious if they are looking to have their carpets cleaned. Your pets will definitely thank you.

What's Life Like in Cleveland, Ohio?

At long last, Cleveland managed to get included in the list of the "Best Places to Live in the United States" not because of an NBA championship but things like frugal living, safety, vibrant culture, and green environment. Time Out, an international entertainment guide published the list.

American historians describe the City as a sanctuary for immigrants as well as an industry powerhouse. Cleveland experienced growth and renaissance because of economic growth and employment opportunities for professionals in the Information Technology and medical industries, as well as electricians and construction workers.

Residents can expect lower living cost in Ohio State placing #9 in the yearly ranking of cheapest states in America by the CNBC media conglomerate. Cleveland median housing price stands at 249% less than New York City and 226% lower than in Washington (District of Columbia). Cost of education remains affordable with 28 private and public universities offering bachelor degrees and five institutions providing two-year courses as well as transition programs.

Cleveland maintains around 50, 000 job openings annually primarily because of flourishing Information Technology fields of specialization, Biotechnology, and Advanced Manufacturing. In Cleveland, residents can enjoy a plethora of things and thrills from craft beers and well-located bike lanes to fresh produce and farmers' markets.

Majority of the communities have community gardens where people can buy fresh veggies and fruits. At the West Side Market, you can find cafes, dive bars, and artists' galleries plus the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. As of 2016, the population of Cleveland reached 385, 509.

5 Tips on How to Deep Clean Your Home before School Starts

After holidays are over, presents have been kept, and guests have gone, it is now time to do a cleanup in your home. Often, the holidays create a different environment in your home since the kids are around. Apart from the kids, you will have regular visits from guests either family or friends. As a result, one may experience an increased amount of dishes to get done, dirty floors, baskets full of laundry, dirty carpets and floors, etc.

Some critical back-to-school cleaning procedures should not be missed. Below are some few tips that will bring back the sparkle to your home in less time and at a low cost.

1. Include Laundry in Your Cleaning
Overflowing laundry bins can be stressful. Holidays have a way of making people forget to do basic chores. A six-week trip will sure fill your laundry bin. The lucky thing is you can do it quickly. The quickest way to do your laundry is doing it simultaneously with other tasks. You can do it in bits as you continue cleaning other sections. Don’t forget to clean the bed sheets with warm or hot water and a few drops of vinegar to ensure freshness. You can also use the time the sheets dry to clean the mattress using the vacuum’s upholstery attachment.

2. You Don’t Need Sophisticated Cleaning Chemicals
Homeowners don’t need to arm themselves with numerous cleaning products. However, there are special instances where they might be necessary. Surprisingly, some household appliances can be useful in the process. Things such as baby wipes and lint rollers can offer exceptional glitter in your home.

3. Don’t Forget the Small Things
It is the little things that matter since it’s them that will bring the difference. Areas such as curtains, towels, bed linens, etc. need a little attention. Cleaning these small areas will make the home look generally clean and brighten it a bit more.

4. Perform a Quick Cleaning Transition by Arranging Things
Things like the Christmas tree need to be taken down with orderliness. Find out when the trash collection service will be collecting Christmas trees and subsequently plan the cleanup. The lights need to be wrapped around a board or tube for safe keeping till another time.

5. Clean in Portions
Setup a cleaning plan and stick to it. This will enable you to avoid the stress and boredom associated with cleaning.

These tips will help you do a quick cleanup with efficiency. As such, you will have time to relax your mind before the school run begins again.

For more information, visit Carpet Cleaning Glendale AZ

Carpet Cleaning Dos and Don’ts

Carpet cleaning does not receive the attention and care it deserves. It requires more care than most people are aware of because one is required to use a wide range of products. If carpets are not properly cleaned, they can pose a great health problem to your family. The dirt, food particles and if you have a cat the fur can stick in the carpet and cause a lot of contamination in the house. All these types of dirt cause bacteria which can spread across your house and others to hide deep in the carpet.

On top of being unhygienic, this dirt collected act as sand paper to the carpet and this is the reason we find some patterns getting formed as one walks on the carpet. It leads to a reduced life on the carpet. Hence one do is to use professional cleaners and don’t wait for too long in between the cleaning period.

Secondly, don’t rent a cleaning machine. It may look economical in terms of cost saving. Most people are not trained on carpet cleaning and upholstery at home and skills are required since it’s an art. As a result, they end up using the wrong concentration and chemicals leaving the carpets dirtier which later attract more dirt.

When cleaning the carpet, do use the best method. I have encountered many people saying they need to shampoo their carpets. The carpet is not human hair or dog fur that requires shampooing. The best choice according to carpet manufacturer such as the Shaw industries is the hot water extraction or the steaming. The advantage of this system is that it’s affordable and can be found at your nearest hardware store.

Do use the right products to clean your carpet so as to give it a better shelf life and keep it clean for long. For best cleaning products, visit the janitors and the carpet supply companies and not the local hardware. When handling with the products, do read the instructions carefully so you can understand the right chemical mixer to be used. On this note, when buying these products, ensure that their pH is not more than 9.a high pH may clean the carpet faster but it eliminates the stain blockers in the carpet. Yes this is the reason most carpet gets dirty almost immediately after cleaning .It’s also wise to use detergents that are environmental friendly as they are gentle and safe to the carpet.

Applying carpet protectors after cleaning is one of the do’s as it protects your carpet fibers when the carpet loses its stain resistance qualities. Lastly, do ensure the right cleaning procedure which starts with vacuum cleaning.

Tips On Deep Cleaning Your Home - including Hiring A Professional Carpet Cleaner

Cleaning your house for the season is very important, but you need to be sure that you have taken the right steps to get this done. Every person who is trying to get the right kinds of cleaning done needs to be sure they have started with a carpet cleaner and moved on to other things that will help. The house has to get cleaned in a few different ways to help the family live comfortably, and the house has to be set up the right way to make everyone feel better.

The first thing that people should do is ask the carpet cleaner to tell them the state of the house so that they have an idea of how bad some of the carpets are. It is very easy to figure out when the person comes into the house to see how things need to be cleaned. It is much easier to get an estimate when someone comes into the house.

The person who comes into the house to clean up the carpets might recommend a maid service because they can make things easier. These people will usually come in once a week and get the house back together. It is very easy to hire someone like this to come in on your own schedule, and you can even hire these people online. You just need to make sure that you have worked out with them what they need to clean so that you know what is possible. Everything that you do is much easier when you are getting the house cleaned up by a professional and you can schedule with them at any time. You just need to make sure that you have figured out how you will put together something that will help you and the cleaner get the house done.

Get rid of junk in the house by calling a service who will do this for you. They can move fast, and they can throw away all the things that you do not need. Your life gets a lot better when you finally get someone to come into the house and show you what needs to go. Ask them to get rid of these things for you, and remember that it is a lot easier to do this than it is to work around it. Your house is now much cleaner, and it is far easier to live in.

House Cleaning

Find Joy Under Your Clutter

Can you really feel more relaxed and happier just by getting rid of some of your home's clutter? That seems to be the case. Getting rid of items you don't use and putting away the things you do can benefit your mood, your health, and your stress levels. Here's how decluttering your home can make you happier:


It is more difficult to find and use the things you have when your home is cluttered. Consider your morning routine; do you waste time looking for your keys or digging for the right lipstick in your drawer? These not only take time, but add to the stress in your morning. If this is you, it might be time to clean out the make-up drawer, sort out the sock drawer, or recycle all the junk mail in the basket where you toss your keys.

General Mood

Clutter can actually make people feel anxious or depressed. Every time you pass that box of donation items in the hallway or try to find something in that messy cabinet, you chip away at your happiness. The more cluttered your home, the more likely you are to feel overwhelmed. Even small changes can help to stop the feelings of anxiety.

Relaxation and Sleep

Studies indicate that it is easier to fall and stay asleep in an uncluttered space. This is likely related to the stress and feelings of overwhelm caused by the clutter, but lack of sleep can have a serious impact on your mood. For a better night's sleep and happier mornings, keep large collections, stacks of magazines, and unsorted paperwork out of the bedroom.

Family Harmony

It's easy to lose toys and important things in a cluttered environment. Young children tend to accuse one another of "stealing" these items, causing stress in the family. Cooking dinner is a greater chore when your kitchen is a mess, but can be a fun family time when everything can be found easily. Family game night is much more awesome when the clutter is gone from the table and there's room to play.

Getting rid of your home's clutter, or even some of it, is a great way to add a little happiness to your life. As a bonus, give the good items you don't need or want to someone who does need them, and feel good about that, too!